July Classes and News Updates

Hello Sewing Friends.
Wednesday 4th / Thursday 5th: Junior Applique Group:
Let’s do Monica Poole applique animals. What a fun way to learn applique. There is limited seating left. Do 1 day or 2. Choose the day. Grandma / Mum / Aunt is welcome to come along.
Saturday 7th July: More than Feathers: Free motion quilting with Chris Dowell. Join Chris for the next step in your quilting journey and learn more about Feather quilting. Not to be missed. Limited seating left.
Thursday 12th July: Premier Software Lesson: Let’s have a look at Premier and Premier+2. Start with a basic lesson in Windows and learn the shortcuts to getting your designs into a folder that you can’t lose. We’ll go on to Embroidery Software and some lessons to make you more comfortable finding your way around, it doesn’t matter what level you’re at. I will help you.
Saturday 21st July:Block 5 of ‘Grose on You’ a QAYG 9 block sampler quilt with Kerry Grose. Growing your skill level each month. Fun, interesting and great tips, techniques and challenges for the inspiring.
Saturday 28th July: 9 – 12 English Paper Piecing the Sue Daley Way. Mug Rugs. Something new each month.
Saturday 28th July:12:30 – 3:30pm. Sashiko Club. A new design each month, make a Mug Rug or build it up to a Table Runner or on to a quilt. Endless.
The first half of 2018 is upon us, and what a busy time it’s been at MK’s Sew-Able. Firstly I would like to introduce you to Janine and Leanne, my 2 part-time casuals. They have both been at MK’s since March and have adjusted well to the mad whirl of MK’s. They are both mad keen Bag Makers and I think they secretly compete, as they seem to come in with a new bag each work day. Leanne is a member of the Toowoomba Quilters and has some good working knowledge of quilting but Janine is no slouch in this area as well.  They are both becoming familiar with the machines that I sell and it won’t be long before they can boast of making a sale. The poor girls have been building good biceps as I have had them madly slicing fabric for pre-cuts. Watch out for these future announcements about our strips and packs.
MK’s clubs and groups,English Paper Piecing, Sashiko and Sit’n’Sew, are forging ahead with new members joining on a regular basis. These groups have formed new friendships and support. The Sit’n’Sew group has a diversified range of activities – it could be Knitting, Crochet, Cross stitch, Paper piecing, Sashiko, and the latest is Diamond Dots – we even bring our mending and clothes repair along, it’s always good to get a second opinion. But, no matter what the activity, the one thing that doesn’t stop, is the chatter, the jokes and laughter and, most importantly, the care and concern of friends.
We’ve had exciting classes with exciting projects created.
The classes have been very well attended and I am constantly asked for new class lists. The first half of the year was so busy that I have taken time out for a second wind but there are exciting new things to come.
Classes such as the Free Motion for beginners and The Next Step with Chris Dowell are proven winners, and everyone is excited about the next class, which is ‘More than Feathers’ on Saturday 7th July. I am sure this will be quite exciting and I will be poking my head in, every chance I get.
The ‘Grose on You” QAYG 9 Block Sampler with Kerry Grose is also a Winner. The numbers are building and we may need to run the class over 2 days a month to take on new members. Kerry is a great teacher and we have learnt so many techniques with her, that we are more confident in our piecing processes.
Margaret Olive from Patchwork Paradise, Rockhampton, came for a 2 day workshop with the Judy Niemeyer Bali Star Wedding Qult. 10 ladies came along and though it is a challenging process to get started, there are some happy completions, with others going along quite well. Wednesday is the day they come in and you will hear a lot of voices, talking in what could be mistaken for maths formulas when they start calling for the A or B units, the CDMS, and the Melons. Great to hear them helping each other. Annette has completed her bed runner and it looks magnificent.Tracey Sims of Tracey Sims Designs and Zundt, came to do a Trunkshow which was a resounding success and led to 2 Lace workshops. Traceys designs are very well digitised and I am happy to say that I am inspired to do more lace work now that I have heard her tips and techniques. I am hoping to organise another workshop with Tracey in August but in a different field of Embroidery. I will have more on this soon.

Other events we hosted were product orientated, such as the PFAFF Creative Icon launch with Cath Quinlan of Blessignton, this was a very informative day with a good reception of the the machine.
Cath followed up with a very successful event for the Premier+2 software. The software has certainly come into its own with simplicity and, hooray, NO DONGLE. I’m afraid Di has moved away from Toowoomba and I am finding it hard to fill her space but I will get some new ideas to keep you creating with the Software and the Embroidery machines.The first of these lessons will be Thursday 12th July.
I led an Event day with Feet and Accessories and I’m happy to say that I believe that all who attended, appeared to enjoy learning more about their machine feet and the after sales accessories that are available. I will host another event later in the year and show more accessories to help you decorate and create while sewing or quilting your creation.
I do try to slip in some machine maintenance during these events but I do sometimes wonder if everyone is so excited about the feet that they pay scant notice of the importance of what I say about threading and cleaning etc. If you are having performance issues on your ‘normally’ well-behaved machine, do the 1,2,3 checks before assuming that the machine is having problems.
1. Take out the Top thread and re-thread it, make sure it’s in all the guides, the tension unit and the take-up leaver.
2. Take the needle plate off, take out the bobbin and bobbin case, give it a good clean, while you’re that far into it, feel the needle plate and bobbin case for burrs ( this happens often )
3. when you put everything back together, may sure that the bobbin thread is coming off the right way, clockwise or anti-clockwise.
These few tips usually fix your little problem If not, did you you wind a bobbin, have you moved the bobbin gear back to position. Have you done some free motion, check you have moved the lever across to raise the feed dogs and then turn the hand wheel one rotation,if your machine is automated, have you cleared the memory. On the subject of Feed dogs, when did you last clean the teeth, I have had machines in here that won’t feed the fabric through only to find the lint is higher that the teeth.
The right machine for the job. I sold a Creative Embroidery machine recently, to a lady who made a great point on the right machine for the job. She has 2 other machines at home, a Passport and an old metal Bernina. After doing a couple of bag days, she has decided to leave the Passport at home and bring the solid Bernina as it is more suited to the heavier work. If you have a Mini Coup and a Prado or Pajero in the shed, why would you pull the 25ft Caravan with the Mini.I’m not saying that the Passport is not capable of making bags but it makes sense to think twice, if you do have a choice.
Enough of that stuff, I’m sure that the majority of machine owners can work things out when things go wrong and we all know when it’s time to go to the doctor. I believe in caring for my customer, whether it’s a $2 purchase or a Top end Machine. You are my first priority. I am very conscious of the good name of the brands I sell and I am very conscious of my Reputation so I will go the extra to satisfy your needs.
I said at the beginning that the shop has been busy and that is true in many areas, not only with machine and Embroidery Software sales, but in all areas through the shop. English Paper Piecing still holds special interest and we are always happy to assist in your queries and stock., as is the continuing interest in Sashkio.
We are seeing new faces on a daily basis and that is a good thing for us. I know my store is no longer ‘exclusive’ on many of my products or classes but I am happy to say loyal customers stay loyal.
The Toowoomba Quilt show is coming up fast. The 2018 exhibition will be held at the Salo Centre, St Ursula’s College, Rome Street, Toowoomba, 22-28 September, 9am to 4.30pm. $5 entry. We will be there with lots of things to look at and buy.
I am sorry that the time between newsletters is so long but when I get so busy here, I seem to spend my time on orders and pricing and lately, keeping up with class organisation.

I will post another very soon as I have 2 August dates to send through.
Stay Well. Stay Happy and Stay Stitching.
warm regards
Marilyn of MK’s Sew-Able

Batiks are Beautiful and Versatile

Margaret Olive, pictured below, came to MK’s Sew-Able last month to lead a 2 day workshop with the Bali Wedding Star pattern. She had 10 very enthusiastic ladies with some wonderful Batik colour combinations. A few of the girls have been coming in on a Wednesday to help each other along and it’s pleasing to see the progress they are making. A new stock of Judy Niemeyer patterns arrived today and a couple couldn’t resist picking up a Cappucinno Table Runner/Place-mat , and the African Violet Table Runner/Place-mat patterns.

In stock, the Monica Poole Applique patterns. This is just a sample of the many in store. There will be a 2 day Junior class during the school holidays and these patterns will be used, with a twist.

March April and May Calendars

MK’s Sew-Able       0746 388 288.                   info@sewable.com.au          March 2018    



    1 2

Sit n Sew

9am – 2pm


Sit n Sew

9am – 2pm



Creative ICON

Presentation  9.30-2

8 9

Sit n Sew

9am – 2pm


Sit n Sew

9am – 2pm

14 15 16

Sit n Sew

9am – 2pm

17.   Mug Rugs

English Paper Piecing                     9 – 12

Sashiko Club   12.30-3.30

Sit n Sew

9am – 2pm


21 22 23

Sit n Sew

9am – 2pm


‘Grose on You’

QAYG – Block 1

Sampler quilt


Sit n Sew

9am – 2pm



28.    Tracey Sims

Make Machine Embroidery Lace


29 30






Wednesday 7th:  Experience the PFAFF Creative ICON. The most Advanced Sewing, Embroidery, Quilting machine PFAFF has ever created, a new 12.2” Workspace, 5” Head to Bed and 3” clearance from Head to Plate, brighter LED lighting, and many new advanced Sewing and Embroidery techniques. Where Perfection meets Freedom…demonstrated by Cath from Blessington, for PFAFF.

Saturday 17th March: Mug Rugs Club, English Paper Piecing, sew Paper-pieced shapes to make a Hexagon Mug Rug, join them together to make Place Mats, Table Runners or a Quilt, 9am – 12pm. This is followed by our revamped Sashiko Club, 8 members happily stitched along on Sat 24th Feb, each month there will be a new Design. 12.30 – 3.30pm…a lovely relaxed day of Stitching, Sharing, and Laughter.

Saturday 24th March:Grose on You”. Block 1 of a Quilt as you Go Sampler Quilt. This is a great BOM to learn Patchwork piecing and Quilting. Kerry has constructed these blocks to move you along in stages, with Block 1 as a beginner, finishing with Block 9 as a Confident, Patch-worker. Kerry also explains Colour theory, fabric grain and cutting technique. Not to be missed. Contact MK’s Sew-Able to enrol for a requirement list.

Wednesday 28th March: Tracey Sims will instruct you in a Machine Embroidery Lace work shop. Tracey will teach you how to Embroider lace and get a satisfactory result. Have you ever spent hours embroidering that beautiful lace Doiley, only to have it fall apart when you wash out the stabiliser? Haven’t we all? Tracey will help you to understand why this can happen, while you’re making one of the beautiful Zundt designs. Contact MK’s Sew-Able to enrol in this class or for 18th April.


MK’s Sew-Able       0746 388 288.                        info@sewable.com.au          April 2018




Sit n Sew

9am – 2pm

4 5 6

Sit n Sew

9am – 2pm




Sit n Sew

9am – 2pm


Fun with Feet and Accessories 9.30am

12 13

Sit n Sew

9am – 2pm


Sit n Sew

9am – 2pm

18.  Tracey Sims

Make Machine Embroidery Lace


19 20

Sit n Sew

9am – 2pm


‘Grose on You’

QAYG – Block 2

Sampler quilt



Sit n Sew

9am – 2pm






26 27


Sit n Sew

9am – 2pm


Mug Rugs     9-12

English Paper Piecing                    


Sashiko Club  12.30-3.30

 School Holidays 29th March to 17 April

Saturday 7th April: Learn to master Free Motion Quilting with Chris Dowell. This is a great introductory and refresher class. Chris will set your mind free with Free Motion as well as learning to use Walking Foot quilting. Learn how to set-up your machine with needles, threading, tensions and understand the reasons why sometimes things can go wrong.  If you have a Sweet 16, you can be included in this class. DON’T MISS OUT, Seats filling quickly.  Relax and Learn. Book early. These classes fill quickly.

Wednesday 11th April: Fun with Feet and Accessories with Marilyn. I will explain and demonstrate the uses of your sewing machine feet.  I will take you from your standard feet that you acquired with your machine, then continue on to after-sales feet and accessories that can make your sewing day easier and happier.  You will have the opportunity to try these feet for yourself. Eg: Ruffler, Couching, both manual and free-motion, Narrow Edge, Over Edge, Narrow Open toe etc. This is the First of 3 events that I will host in 2018.

Wednesday 18th April: Tracey Sims will instruct you in a Machine Embroidery Lace work shop. Tracey will teach you how to Embroider lace and get a satisfactory result. Have you ever spent hours embroidering that beautiful lace Doiley, only to have it fall apart when you wash out the stabiliser? Haven’t we all? Tracey will help you to understand why this can happen, while you make one of the beautiful Zundt designs. Contact MK’s Sew-Able to enrol in this class.

Saturday 21st April: “Grose on You”. Block 2 Quilt as you Go Sampler Quilt. This is a great BOM to learn Patchwork piecing and Quilting. Kerry has constructed these blocks to move you along in stages, with Block 1 as a beginner, finishing with Block 9 as a Confident, Patch-worker. Kerry also explains Colour theory, fabric grain and cutting technique. Not to be missed. Contact MK’s Sew-Able to enrol for a requirement list.

Saturday 28th April: Mug Rugs Club, English Paper Piecing, sew Paper-pieced shapes to make a Hexagon Mug Rug, join them together to make Place Mats, Table Runners or a Quilt, 9am – 12pm. This is followed by our revamped Sashiko Club, each month featuring a new Design. 12.30 – 3.30pm…a lovely relaxed day of Stitching, Sharing, and Laughter.

 MK’s Sew-Able       0746 388 288.                        info@sewable.com.au          MAY 2018




Sit n Sew

9am – 2pm

2 3



Sit n Sew

9am – 2pm


Sit n Sew

9am – 2pm



10 11

Sit n Sew

9am – 2pm


Sit n Sew

9am – 2pm






Sit n Sew

9am – 2pm


‘Grose on You’

QAYG – Block

Sampler quilt


Sit n Sew

9am – 2pm


23 24 25

Sit n Sew

9am – 2pm


Mug Rugs     9-12

English Paper Piecing

Sashiko Club  12.30-3.30

Sit n Sew

9am – 2pm



30 31 1

Sit n Sew

9am – 2pm


Wednesday 3rd May: PFAFF PREMIER+2 SOFTWARE PRESENTATION with Cath Quinlan of Blessington. Are you still struggling with older versions of Embroidery software, and trying to use it with New Machines and Computer systems? Come along to see what the new upgrade can do for you. Cath will show you many Creating and Editing features of Premier Software from PFAFF. This is a must for all Machine Embroidery ladies and gents.

Wednesday 16th and Thursday 17th May: A 2 day workshop with Margaret Olive representing Quiltworx. Make the exciting Bali Wedding Star Table or Bed Runner using Foundation Paper Patterns by Judy Niemeyer. Margaret is an Accredited Quitworx teacher, and you will be amazed at how quickly she can lead you to understand the pattern and get your masterpiece under your machine with surprising ease. Margaret was my tutor in the New Zealand Quilting cruise I was on last month and I will personally recommend her as will my 3 Toowoomba companions. Book early.

Saturday 19th May:Grose on You”. A Quilt as you Go Sampler Quilt. This is a great BOM to learn Patchwork piecing and Quilting. Kerry has constructed these blocks to move you along in stages, with Block 1 as a beginner, finishing with Block 9 as a Confident, Patch-worker. Kerry also explains Colour theory, fabric grain and cutting technique. Not to be missed.

Saturday 26th May: Mug Rugs Club, English Paper Piecing, sew Paper-pieced shapes to make a Hexagon Mug Rug, join them together to make Place Mats, Table Runners or a Quilt, 9am – 12pm.

This is followed by our revamped Sashiko Club, a new Design each month. 12.30 – 3.30pm…a lovely relaxed day of Stitching, Sharing, and Laughter.


MK’s Sew-Able Upcoming Events and News

MK’s has some exciting events coming to the shop in February and March, with more to come once a Tutor calendar can be finalised.

Saturday 17th February: Meet Kerry, an Enthusiastic, Patient and Sharing Quilter, and sign-up for ‘Grose on You’, our 9 block Quilt as You Go, Block of the Month, commencing on Saturday 24th March. Learn Patchwork techniques and Quilt as You Go while making this Sampler Quilt ‘grow’ each month. You will be Glad you did. Please ring,Leave a Message or send an email to book a seat. Morning tea will be supplied at no cost. ***PLEASE NOTE ON MY ORIGINAL POST 27/01/18*** I INCORRECTLY DATED THIS WORKSHOP as being 24th Feb not 24th March. My apologies if you have already marked your calendars

Wednesday 21st February: Meet Tracey Sims, Artist

Designer and Publisher, on behalf of Zundt present their latest Embroidery collects, Project Books and Patterns.  At her Trunk Show and Presentation ,Tracey will give  you insights into Machine Embroidery Design, Sketches to Stitches, Colour Theory and Tips and Techniques on Tensions, Stabilizers, Hooping and more… At the end of the Day, we hope to book a One, Two or Three day project for the end of March with Tracey.  You will be Glad you did. Please ring, leave a message or send an Email to book a seat. Cost will be $10. Visit Tracey at   http://www.traceysimsdesigns.com

Wednesday 7th March:  Come and experience the new PFAFF Creative Icon – the most advanced sewing machine PFAFF has ever created, a new 12.2” Work-space, 5″ space from Head to Bed, 3″ space from Needle head to Plate, Amazing new Needle threading, extra LED Brightness, Large work Screen, and many advanced Sewing and Embroidery techniques, watch how easy it is to Precise Position and Edit your Embroidery designs.. See the beautiful new Radiant, Floating and 3 Ribbon stitches, plus the Stitch Creator, all can be taken and Embroidered in the hoop. Where Perfection meets Freedom… demonstrated by Cath from Blessington. You will be Glad you did. I am so impressed by this machine. Please ring, leave a message or send an email to book a seat. Morning tea will be supplied at No cost. Take a look at http://www.pfaff.com.au or google pfaff creative icon



I will be away from 31st January til the 14th February, and as 3 of my back-up team will be with me, there will a change to the shop Trading hours. Thank you for your patience and understanding in this matter.

Saturday trading will not alter : 9am to 1pm

Wednesday 31st January to Friday 2nd February  9.30am to 2pm

Tuesday 6th February to Friday 9th February 9.30am to 2pm

Tuesday 13th and Wednesday 14th February 9.30 to 2pm

Normal trade will commence Thursday 15th February  : 9am to 4pm Tuesday to Friday

It is important that the closing time is adhered to, Kate has other work commitments that require her to leave at this time. Please do not be offended if she has to ask you to complete your purchases to enable her to do the necessary close down and security functions.


As you may be aware, I am going on a New Zealand Quilting Cruise that I booked in an excited moment, 18 months ago. I am sure I will enjoy this immensely once I am there, but currently I am in a nervous state of anticipation and a high state of anxiety, both for the trip, I suffer a bit from Claustrophobia and a Fear of Heights, not smart to be on a ship I think – as a fisher-woman, I am not too concerned about motion sickness, I have been on a few ‘rockin’n’rollin’ boats and have slept over on a couple, without any bad results.  My other anxiety is for the shop. Kate is very adept and efficient but there is always something that only I can fix or do, so I do ask that you give her patience and consideration as she applies herself to your task. 



I wasn’t intending to include this item at this time but the above statement reminds me that it is probably a good time.

I am needing to Employ part-time / Casual staff but I have some specifications that may be hard to fill. Are you interested or do you know someone who may be?

I require someone:  To work during and outside school hours:  maybe Tuesday and Friday each week, or sometimes drop a Friday and work Thursday while we have a workshop that I am needed to help with or run. For instance on the above days when Kerry, Tracey and Cath are in the store doing work-shop or presentations. Perhaps 1 Saturday a month 9am – 1pm. And sometimes when I go away for instance, when I am booked to go to the Sue Daley Shop Owners Convention or Blessington conventions – both events are normally Friday and Saturday. The more clientele we can assist, the more hours I can afford to hire you.

I would like someone who has some knowledge of Quilting & Sewing, Machine Embroidery would be a bonus – as would Stitchery, English Paper piecing and Sashiko – but these are skills I am happy to instruct you in – or someone in our sewing group would do so.

Of course, you may be asked to demonstrate a Sewing/Embroidery Machine or Overlocker. Or you may just be asked for some tech know-how or to thread an Overlocker. If you have these machines to hand at home, it is no big deal to learn how to use mine

I use Quick books for Sales and record keeping but if you are computer literate, you will no doubt pick it up fast enough, it is not rocket science. I use Excel and Word.

Stock needs to be unpacked and priced. Shelves kept clean of dust ( I do have a helper but the dust is faster than any of us). Fabric to be replaced on shelves or just plain tidy-up. Fabric pre-cuts and packaging is nearly a full-time occupation.

I would love to have someone to help with this most time consuming task, the Newsletter, and Blog, keeping the public up to date with New Stock and Upcoming events and publishing photos.

I need someone who can work unsupervised, find something to do if I’m not there. Take responsibility.  Honesty and Confidentiality is of up-most importance, as is a Sense of Humour, Empathy and Understanding of my Customers needs.

So I NEED A CLONE. Sounds easy enough to me. I am away from 31st Jan to 14th Feb but I will be more than happy to discuss this position with any interested party when I return.

On that note, I will say farewell until next update. Happy Stitching.

Marilyn at MK’s Sew-Able 16b Prescott Street (opposite pillowtalk) Toowoomba

0746 388 288 or email: info@sewable.com








January news from MK’s Sew-Able

Hello Sewing Friends
Welcome to MK’s Sew-Able and a great year of Inspiration and Friendships. I hope you had a Wonderful Christmas and a brilliant start to your New Year.
It was my year for the Family Christmas Day. I was spoiled with gifts but I did get a very Special Present, a Son-in-Law. My daughter Cindy and her husband Allen, eloped on Christmas Eve. So exciting and wonderful for them, a perfect pair. Such a good decision, so much a ‘no stress’ way to go.
It was great to have 3 of my Children home, we were missing one but someone has to work Christmas Day. It’s always hard for everyone to be off at the same time.
I personally did not pick up a sewing needle, I took a machine and fabric to my son’s place in Buderim, but I suffered a severe migraine the first full day there, and of course the next day was very sluggish, by the time I was feeling strong, it was time to come home. I didn’t sew at home either but I have very tidy Linen and Laundry cupboards.

Well the Holiday is over and it’s back to work tomorrow. The shop opens at 9 am with the first day of Sit and Sew for 2018. I am looking forward to catching up with you.I would have loved the shop air-con at home a few days last week. Whew..

What’s new in shop? 3 colour ways of a lovely Paisley print arrived during the last week of 2017, and meterage was take from 2 colours as soon as it was seen. I also have new Owl and tractor prints. I am expecting a good top-up of Batiks to arrive during this week,along with some striking new panels. I am slso expecting pretty Pre-cuts packs. What a great way to start the year?

Kate and I spent a day in the shop last week, in PFAFF training on the new Creative Icon, along with 2 very special new owners of this machine, Pam was with us for awhile. I am so impressed !!! It has a 12.2in throat, 5in clearance from the head to the sewing bed and the distance under the needle to the stitch plate is 3 inches, finally, I can comfortably get my hand under there. And an incredible Threading system. The IDT lever has been lifted so it sits a little higher behind the head, there are new front ‘teeth’ on the feed dogs. I could go on and on. Everyone will say it’s just another Embroidery machine but I am here to say it is so much more, wow wow wow. No, I don’t have one in stock but there will be an event in-store to promote it. I may have the opportunity to baby-sit one for a few weeks while it’s Mum is away on the beach, fingers crossed. I will feed you teasers as time goes on. Impressed, did I say that??? Oh and Cath Quinlan, my PFAFF Qld Sales Manager and Educator, delivered my Sales Trophy, quite chuffed. You may be seeing a bit of Cath, if I have my way, a very knowledgeable young lady with a wide diversity of skills in the Sewing, Quilting and Embroidery world. Thank you Cath for a great day.

Looking for a bargain PFAFF machine. I have one PFAFF Creative 2.0 on the bench that I am selling for an amazing special price of $2699. This machine is equal to the Expression 4.2 but it has the added bonus of being an Embroidery machine. Come in for a demo, it won’t last long at this price and it is one only.

I have been thinking about this years classes and I have placed requests with Tutors for workshops, so lets see how we go. I do know Margaret Olive is definitely interested in tutoring for me and we intend to set a schedule during the quilt cruise to New Zealand. Marg is the tutor for the Quiltworx Fire Island Hosta pattern I am going to make, counting down and excited, we sail out of Sydney on the 31st January.

Our local artist, Chris Dowell, is also tutoring on this cruise, and we hope we can plan some interesting workshops together. Hopefully, we will also re-visit the dressmaking classes, but perhaps at a beginners level.

I will run Feet and Accessories events to help you understand the why and how of the feet you have with your machine, and also introduce you to extras. Perhaps Cath Quinlan of PFAFF will do a workshop or two.

I have sent invitations to Tutors from various genre, from making bags to stuffed toys, but until I get their acceptance, it is pointless to mention them individually.

Thank you for your time to read this, I will sending an update prior to my sailing on the 31st January.

Cheers and keep smiling, it makes everyone wonder what you’ve been up to

Marilyn of MK’s Sew-Able

November News

Sales award for fbMy latest PFAFF award, a nice surprise. Thank you.

Hello Sewing Friends
Here I am once again, lost for words, surprising isn’t it? I’m full of information and comments until I have to do these Newsletters and then it all becomes a blank. So here goes with something that is informative, not too short but,not boring.

What’s Coming? 

Sew-Along for Cancer, Ribbon Braid Table Runner: There will be a smaller Sew-along at the shop this Saturday 11th November, from 9am – 3pm. Sorry for the short notice but If you missed out the first time or want to do it again, please ring to secure a seat. I do have a few kits left over from the first run. Kit and sew $45, sew only $30. All monies will go to Cancer.
Cancer Quilt Raffle: These quilts will be drawn on Friday 1st December. If you don’t have a ticket, please make the effort to purchase tickets to support the Cancer Council.welcome_photo
MK’s Sew-Able Christmas Party This year the party will the held at the Engine Room Cafe at 1 Railway Street Toowoomba on Saturday 25th November at 12:30pm. The cost will be $10 (with exception of drinks outside the table juice) for a choice of Garden Salad with either Chicken or Ham, and a Plum Pudding with Brandy Custard for Dessert. It is a BYO cafe and I will be taking some Wines, but of course you may bring your own selection. The normal Secret Santa Gifts will be given out. For those who wish to purchase gifts,please keep the cost  from $10 – $15. I will, of course, have some fun Quizzes to tickle your funny bones. Sister Bev will, no doubt, have some giggles for you. Seating is limited so please book and pay with me as soon as possible.

What’s been happening:

3d Gerbra
3D Machine Embroidery 

The Machine Embroidery club has been busy with a little more than the normal amount of progress in their endeavors. The mesh insert Swimming bags have turned out quite well, with some very interesting Embroideries, sizes and techniques.The Cork coasters were very nicely done but a bit of grizzling because of the amount of cleaning to do at the end, more on that further into the letter. This month the Ladies are making a 3D Gerbra embroidery on a cushion cover, this is starting from a Software exercise to Embroidery with placements and then to a sew-out.  This is a lovely project. Next lesson is Thursday 9th November. The last club will be Thursday 7th December where  you can catch up with some Unfinished projects.

English Paper Piecing Mug Rug Club. The Mug Rugs are coming along very nicely and we continue to have a good Roll-up for this group as well. There are some interesting shapes in these Rugs and the Ladies are using a very mixed array of fabrics and colours. I did throw in a Pin cushion surprise in September and that seems to have put a bit of a halt to the speedsters.Regardless, if you’re interested in learning English Paper Piecing, this is the group for you.the next club day is Saturday 18th November and the final club day for the year will be Saturday 16th December.
Sue Daley‘s new BOM is Round We go. I am expecting the Seed Patterns to arrive this week. Sue has a new Quilt design “WindChime“, this  is very pretty but it is not in stock at this time.
The One-stitch Sashiko. The one stitch Sashiko trend seems to have taken off in our area. I am selling quite a few patterns and the interest in the Hitomezashi Pin Cushion has continued from the Quilt show. My apologies to any ladies who may have purchased the kit to find they don’t have enough thread to do a 6 1/2″ square, I kitted it to the size of the cushion but with extra fabric to practice. I do sell the Dotty sashiko fabric, a 15cm piece will cost you $6.50.
Sashiko Templates: I have 6 styles of Acrylic Sashiko Templates in stock, including the Straight border, Clam shell, and Apple core.  Books and Patterns are also selling quickly.

Michele Hill’s Books: I am waiting a delivery of Michele’s Afternoon Tea with Mary Morris and Beatrix Potter Stitching books that could be in store late this week.  I am still waiting for confirmation of which month or year that we will receive the William Morris in Applique books, this changes from month to month, very tiresome, Yes I have spoken to Michele and the book publisher.  It can be purchased as an  E-book, this appears cheap enough but remember you will need to print it yourself.

New and Old at MK’s 
I am often asked ‘What’s New?” and I often say “I don’t know, things just arrive and I forget if they’re new or old stock”. I hear from Ladies who have been to the shows and I’m surprised that the ‘New’ gadget that they’ve found, has been on my shelf for quite a while, so I’ll try to mention a few here.
Applique Sheets; this product was promoted well at the Toowoomba Quilt show. This paper,  by Hug’n’Kisses, it is a soft iron on A4 paper that is used for Needle Turn Applique and is a semi to full wash out paper. It is very easy to use and I personally like it. We used it in the ‘It Takes Two’ quilt that I have hanging at the shop. It can be purchased in a pack of 20 x A4  sheets, or packs of Pre-cut paper piecing shapes. Stock is hard to get at the moment, my Supplier sent an email last week and it is hoped I will be able to get stock at the end of November. I sell an A4 pack  or single sheet.
The Purple Thang is a thin tool about 6″ long, it has a flat end that is a 1/4′ measurement, a slot in one end for threading elastic,a great Sixth finger and it is also good for turning points or stuffing toys etc. The cost is $ 7.50.
The Halo is a Silicon covered metal hoop that is used to grip fabric while you are free-motion quilting. You may have seen Pauline Rogers demonstrating this at the Brisbane show. I have this in stock, along with the Teflon Super-Slider machine mats that cover the feed dog slots and enables your fabric to slide across the machine while you are quilting.
1/4″ Graph Paper: This is a large A3 book of 1/4″ blocked graph paper.
Vliesofix, Heat and Bond in Ultra or Light is available.
Hand Embroidery Backing: I am currently selling a light Iron-on backing for Hand Embroidery. It is 1.5 wide and costs $3.50.
Thimbles: I have a large range of thimbles, from the small Latex slip-on to the Leather and Brass. If you’re looking for a good thimble, check my stock.
Superior Titanium Needles: I have Topstitch titanium needles in 70, 80 and and mixed size pack.
Monica Poole patterns are now in store. She has a lovely set of Animals, see the photo insert Fi Fi Flamingo, I have this sample hanging in the shop.I am currently working on the Kitty Reel quilt. Monica has a good range of Bags that I will access patterns for in my next order. Monica also keeps good children’s patterns.fifi.jpg
Fabrics: I have BMX Dirt bikes and a range of Ned Kelly now in stock. These are going fast.There are many items that I have forgotten and the most important will be remembered as soon as I hit the Send button.
Cleaning your Machines: Don’t be afraid to get under the needle plate and clean the lint and dust away. It is amazing how much residue is left after Foundation Piecing, Quilting, Machine Embroidery and lately, cork. This residue makes it way to other unseen parts of our machine and mates with the pre-packed grease, and it can set like cement, once this happens your machine can seize up. Don’t be ‘tight’ about replacing your needle.Buy a renown Needle brand.You get what you pay for. If you’ve been sewing any of the above, your needle will be blunting quickly, also, if you’re sewing heavy fabric and you’re a little heavy-handed and pull it along a bit, the chances are that you will have bent your needle slightly and this will escalate a problem with it hitting on your hook race or needle plate.
Visitors: 40 Coorparoo quilters arrived on Saturday 21st October for a lunch break and a little shopping time. What a delightful group! They were so well mannered and patient while waiting to purchase their goods. I am assured that they will return.
2018 Classes Groups and Clubs
I have become rather disheartened with class attendances but I am willing to give it another go as I am constantly asked for help. My scattered thoughts for 2018 have included some new ideas but I am afraid you will have to wait for the list. The Machine Embroidery and English Paper Piecing clubs will remain as they stand, fantastic attendances.  I am encouraged by the Sashiko, William Morris, Bag and Patchwork club requests. I will be running a fortnightly 2 hour children’s or beginner class from 3.30 to 5.30, on a week-day to be decided.
Leesa Chandler has been approached to visit and I am coordinating with the local quilt club to have her come for a Bag workshop.
I am making plans for a Retreat of two, but again you will have to wait for the list.My ‘Away’ time in 2018 includes a Quilting Cruise to New Zealand from 31st January to 13th February. I booked this in an excited moment in Oct 2016.  I am doing a Foundation Piecing class with Margaret Olive from Rockhampton. Margaret is a Certified Quiltworx teacher and I am looking forward to my classes with her. I met Marg at a Sue Daley shop owners retreat in Noosa in 2015, and we clicked. Marg has been down this way a few times and calls in to Show’n’Tell when she has retreats in the area. More about her another day.
In March, I will attend a Shop Owners retreat in Noosa with Sue Daley and I am hoping to bring an International guest to Toowoomba. She will be a great draw-card but I’ll keep her a surprise until I have cemented my plans with her.Finally my Christmas break times:   Close at 4pm on Friday 22nd December
Open Tuesday 16th January 2018.

If you need anything in that last week of my break, I normally go in for cleaning, if you see a vehicle in the drive-way, please phone the shop and I will help you out.
31st January to 14th February the shop will be on short hours because of my time away
Tuesday to Friday 9.30am to 2pm
Saturday                9 am to 12 noon

I hope I have passed on some informed news to you. Until my December newsletter.
Remember, If you see someone without a Smile, Give them one of Yours.
Marilyn at MK’s Sew-Able

Toowoomba Quilt Show and Specials 16th September to 22nd September 2017

Hello Sewing Friends

Firstly, A Special Thank you to Fay Suley, Genell Lilley and the Angels who helped make the Cancer Sew-Along day, such a great success. Thank you to everyone who participated and assisted in the Cancer Sew-Along fundraiser. What a wonderful day! See some of the results at the header of this newsletter.  I am considering another project for next year, but time will tell.

Completions 1
Some of the many Twisted Ribbon Table runners near completion at the Cancer Sew-Along .

It’s Show Time!

The Toowoomba Quilt Show at the Salo centre in Rome Street is nearly upon us.

Saturday 16th September, 9 – 4.30pm to Friday 22nd September 9- 2.30pm.

I will be behind the MK’s Sew-Able stand again so please note that the shop will be open for shorter hours during the week, but we will be open on the Monday as well.


Monday to Friday 9.30am – 2.30pm

What a week it always is! Come and get reacquainted and find a bargain. I will have Fat Quarters and Packs, Patterns and Books, Templates, Rulers, Scissors and Cutters, Needles and Threaders, English Paper Piecing, Sashiko and samples, samples and more……New books and patterns from Natalie Bird of The Birdhouse – see Kate’s version of the BOM ‘Beyond the Porch” quilt – quite a surprise, our shop sample of the Mouse Pincushion – so cute, and Stitcheries from ‘Fairyland Circus’. Then there’s Pam’s ‘Friends’ quilt from Michele Hill’s William Morris, Janita’s ‘Antique Sampler’ English Paper Pieced, Needle turn and Reverse applique quilt from Sue Daley’s Designs, Sharyn’s ‘Wise Owls’ from Kookaburra Cottage, and so much more that you haven’t seen before..Crabapple Hill Studio’s cute ‘Girls Getaway’ and the very male ‘Vintage Tin’ quilt is available on the stand. And of course, work from the Machine Embroidery Club and the Little Things Mug Rug club, these ladies are always Creating wonderful projects.

Bag Ladies – I have new patterns coming in at regular intervals. Natalie Bird’s ‘Eva Tote’ sells fast, as does Leesa Chandler’s ‘Uptown Tote’.

Michele Hill fans – I have Michele’s latest books ‘Afternoon Tea with May Morris’ and ‘Stitching with Beatrix Potter’. And at last, “William Morris in Applique’ will be arriving soon.Hiro cushion

New stock from BeBeBold:  Dotty Sashiko, the One-stitch fabric.  Visit us at the shop or the show to see our Hitomezashi one-stitch sample and I will show you how it’s done. A photo is in our news header. I have stencilled patterns and kits available.

I will be demonstrating feet & machine techniques on 2 of my favourite PFAFF machines, the Expression 4.2 at an amazing show special of $2999 – what a saving!, and the wonderfully light Passport 3.0 – on special at $849 with an extension table valued at $135. Visit me for a demo or to try a machine yourself.

Chris Dowell will be spending time on the Sit down ‘Sweet 16’ free motion quilting machine, for anyone who missed her last year, make a point to visit….at this time, I don’t have a scheduled day for her but I will be sending a follow-up email later this week.

The Sweet Sixteen will be on a Show Special, along with the Simply Sixteen on a Frame. I will have a very special price for my Simply 16 floor demonstration model, with included extras.

Well that’s about it for now so I will close with the wish that you are all well and that I will catch-up with you soon. Have a safe and happy week and don’t forget – If you see someone without a Smile, Give them one of Yours.


Marilyn at MK’s Sew-Able



Monday 18th September to Friday 22nd September 2017-09-11

Up to 30% off Patchwork Fabric – 25% Backings