Hello Sewing Friends, time for a catch up on what’s going on and what’s coming up.

MARCH 2019

Hello Sewing FriendsWelcome to another newsletter from me at MK’s Sew-Able. I hope you will this informative and hopefully interesting. I struggle writing these letters as I often wonder what you want to hear, so in the end, I just prattle and hope you find something of interest to you.

Firstly I would like to express my condolences to anyone who has lost a loved one recently. It is so hard to imagine life without someone who was always there, and then, suddenly gone. I hope you will take the offered strength and love from your family and friends. I am always a little more fragile at this time of year so when last Monday, we had a mini reunion with a special Aunt, it reminded me of how important memories are and how important it is to keep contact with the living as well.

How are you coping with the sudden heat-wave, it is rather draining isn’t it? We don’t have air-con at home so it’s full blast fans and open windows. I am suffering from sinus and the fans are drying my eyes but that’s only a minor hiccup, back to the shop air-con tomorrow. I may be feeling a little discomfort but I don’t have animals suffering with the drought. I had a customer in last week, her free motion foot had broken and she was anxious to get a new one. She said they have been in drought for 20 years and the sewing machine keeps her sane. I feel for these lovely ladies. We complain about our dry lawns and wilting flowers but we don’t have to see the devastation that they have to cope with daily.

Sad loss of another local business:

Quote from- Central Jewellers – closing it’s doors. ” Sales practices have changed and people these days are accustomed to buying only when things are on sale. People want the quality product but they don’t want to pay that price

“Quote from CTPUB.com: In this day and age, with so much commerce on the Internet, it is critical that we all support our local quilt shops. Every year, more and more of these shops are closing, and that breaks my heart. A friend who owns a shop tells me people will often come in and ask for help choosing fabrics, then write down the information on the bolt and leave—presumably to order it online. This is extremely distressing to me. And why is it so important to support your local quilt shop?

“Shopping online may save you a dollar or two, but you don’t get the benefit of the experienced sales people who can help you find that right fabric, offer advice when you hit a snag, or tell you how to accomplish something you haven’t done before. It is the local shop where you can take a class, look through a book, or connect with other quilters. It is the local shop that will help you find the right sewing machine, show you how to use it, answer your questions when you run into trouble, and service it when needed.”

The above quotes are two recent items I posted on MK’s SewAble Facebook page.

What’s moving at MK’s Sew-Able?

Fabric and backing, of course, is always on the move. Rulers and Templates have been in an extra hurry to leave us as well. A big seller has been the Quick Curved Rulers and Patterns, this has been encouraged by the class with Bev McLune. This stock is on special at 20% off.

Sewing Baskets, Ports, Bags, and storage holders have moved during our sale.

I still have a quantity of Machine Embroidery Design discs available at greatly reduced prices, you may be surprised at what is still on offer.

Have you taken the time to look at the amount of Sue Daley patterns and papers in stock at MK’s? There are patterns for little things like Pin cushions up to Quilts. Check out the increasingly popular Classics, like the Sunflower, Dahlia and Arkansas star, these are 12″ finished blocks.

Stitchery patterns have been busy with lots of interest in the Australian Afternoon and Noah’s Ark two of the best sellers. McKenna Ryan is always a  favourite.

What’s been happening at MK’s Sew-Able?


I feel like there’s something happening every day, I only wish I was finishing as many projects as I see finished in the shop.

Bev McClune spent a day with our group to make the ‘Fun Poinsettia Block’ and there has been some stunning results, I have posted a picture at the top of this newsletter.

If you are reading this mail with an ipad or phone, you may not be able to download the photos so go to www.sewable.com.au  and go to Blog to view this email with photos.

We have Sit’n’Sew on Tuesday and Fridays, these ladies love to hand sew, Knit, Crochet, do Stitchery, English Paper piece, Sashiko and much more, Sharon was tracing dress patterns on Friday. It’s lovely to see the ladies wearing their home made dresses, I hope you get the opportunity to see Janine (staff) in her black and white spot dress that she made recently, very 60’s Rocker. I also hope you get to see some of the Bags that Janine makes, it seems,a new one every week, we have a few Sample bags from Monica Poole hanging in the Shop.

We have a group using Sewing Machines on Wednesdays, these ladies are doing a lot of UFO work and have done a couple of classes with me, in particular, the Shady Daisies quilt and the results are stunning. It has been good to revisit this quilt.

These ladies have convinced me to do a Stack and Whack class on the 20th March, this is filling fast, there is not much time to get booked and to do the prelim homework prior to class day.

I am starting a total Patch work beginner on Wednesday, using Sue Daley’s lovely ‘Key Lime Pie’, a pattern with Stitch and Flip, English paper piecing, Needle turn applique and of Quilting and Binding, I am sure we will have fun with this one. We might even get a few more started with us.

I normally reserve Thursday for the Machine Embroidery ladies, been a little slack but I am working on something to happen soon. A few ladies will be starting the Singer Isabella Quilt so if you have the Project Book and want to get started, book as per the following calendar. I will send out an April date to do the ‘Birds of a Feather Milk/Jug cover’ by Tracey Sims designs.

The 4th Saturday morning of each month is used for English Paper Piecing club, I supply a set of papers to create a Mug Rug or Cookie Catcher, using new papers shapes. You bring  your fabric, needle, glues etc. cost is only $10.

The 4th Saturday afternoon is for Sashiko with a new fabric traced design each month and at the low cost of $15.

A lot of Saturdays are in use with Kerry Grose’s ‘Viva La Triangle’ quilt, we are powering along to enable an early end of year finish.

We have had a great day with Cath from Blessington creating a Software embroidry Cross-stitch project, Cath will be back with more later in the year.

We have also had another Free motion quilting class with Chris Dowell, the talent shared by Chris is so special. Everyone goes home happy. Some ladies get special tuition on the Sweet 16 and this has become quite a popular addition to the class.


Please take special note of the Dates that are listed below. In particular please note the dates the SHOP WILL CLOSE AT 2.30pm NOT 4pm. It is only for a short period so please be understanding while I take a short break.

Saturday 16^th:   ‘Two by Two’ Viva la Triangle with Kerry Grose

Wednesday 20^th:  ‘STACK and WHACK’.  A great twist on fabric.

Thursday 21^st:  ‘ISABELLA’.  Lets get started. A beautiful quilt made with the Singer Lace 1 and Lace 2 cards. You must have the Book.

Saturday 23^rd: 9am start: English Paper Piecing using a new shape’ The ¼ Circle’.  Only $10 includes morning tea.

Saturday 23^rd: 12:30 start: Sashiko club with a new design on fabric each month. You asked for it, One Stitch Sashiko. Only $15 includes refreshments.


Saturday 30^th: ‘Quilting row 1’ Viva la Triangle with Kerry Grose

APRIL 2019

Saturday 6^th: VIVA LA TRIANGE  ‘Four Patch Variation’

Thursday 11^th: Software Embroidery ‘Mystery’ class Thursday 18^th: ‘ISABELLA’ block  2.

SHOP CLOSED 19^th – 23^rd APRIL for EASTER long weekend.


SHOP CLOSED Thursday 25^th for ANZAC DAY .



TUESDAY 23^rd APRIL to FRIDAY 3^rd MAY9am to 2:30pm.                 

SATURDAY 9 am to 1 pm.

Saturday 28^th April: 9am start: English Paper Piecing using new shapes.  Only $10 includes morning tea.

Saturday 28^th April: 12:30 start: Sashiko club with a New Fabric Print Design each month. Only $15 includes refreshments.


I hope you have enjoyed my latest news.

So until next time, keep smiling and remember, If you see someone without a Smile, give them one of yours.

Marilyn at MK’s Sew-Able

Author: MKs Sew-Able

MK's Sew-Able is a Patchwork/Quilting Fabric Store where you can not only buy fabric but a PFAFF Quilting/Sewing Machine or a HQ Sweet16. I created MK's in January 2005 when I started selling Singer Sewing Machines then expanded the business in April 2007 with PFAFF machines. This expansion included the purchase of Patchwork Fabrics and all that goes with it.

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