MK’s Sew-Able Upcoming Events and News

MK’s has some exciting events coming to the shop in February and March, with more to come once a Tutor calendar can be finalised.

Saturday 17th February: Meet Kerry, an Enthusiastic, Patient and Sharing Quilter, and sign-up for ‘Grose on You’, our 9 block Quilt as You Go, Block of the Month, commencing on Saturday 24th March. Learn Patchwork techniques and Quilt as You Go while making this Sampler Quilt ‘grow’ each month. You will be Glad you did. Please ring,Leave a Message or send an email to book a seat. Morning tea will be supplied at no cost. ***PLEASE NOTE ON MY ORIGINAL POST 27/01/18*** I INCORRECTLY DATED THIS WORKSHOP as being 24th Feb not 24th March. My apologies if you have already marked your calendars

Wednesday 21st February: Meet Tracey Sims, Artist

Designer and Publisher, on behalf of Zundt present their latest Embroidery collects, Project Books and Patterns.  At her Trunk Show and Presentation ,Tracey will give  you insights into Machine Embroidery Design, Sketches to Stitches, Colour Theory and Tips and Techniques on Tensions, Stabilizers, Hooping and more… At the end of the Day, we hope to book a One, Two or Three day project for the end of March with Tracey.  You will be Glad you did. Please ring, leave a message or send an Email to book a seat. Cost will be $10. Visit Tracey at

Wednesday 7th March:  Come and experience the new PFAFF Creative Icon – the most advanced sewing machine PFAFF has ever created, a new 12.2” Work-space, 5″ space from Head to Bed, 3″ space from Needle head to Plate, Amazing new Needle threading, extra LED Brightness, Large work Screen, and many advanced Sewing and Embroidery techniques, watch how easy it is to Precise Position and Edit your Embroidery designs.. See the beautiful new Radiant, Floating and 3 Ribbon stitches, plus the Stitch Creator, all can be taken and Embroidered in the hoop. Where Perfection meets Freedom… demonstrated by Cath from Blessington. You will be Glad you did. I am so impressed by this machine. Please ring, leave a message or send an email to book a seat. Morning tea will be supplied at No cost. Take a look at or google pfaff creative icon



I will be away from 31st January til the 14th February, and as 3 of my back-up team will be with me, there will a change to the shop Trading hours. Thank you for your patience and understanding in this matter.

Saturday trading will not alter : 9am to 1pm

Wednesday 31st January to Friday 2nd February  9.30am to 2pm

Tuesday 6th February to Friday 9th February 9.30am to 2pm

Tuesday 13th and Wednesday 14th February 9.30 to 2pm

Normal trade will commence Thursday 15th February  : 9am to 4pm Tuesday to Friday

It is important that the closing time is adhered to, Kate has other work commitments that require her to leave at this time. Please do not be offended if she has to ask you to complete your purchases to enable her to do the necessary close down and security functions.


As you may be aware, I am going on a New Zealand Quilting Cruise that I booked in an excited moment, 18 months ago. I am sure I will enjoy this immensely once I am there, but currently I am in a nervous state of anticipation and a high state of anxiety, both for the trip, I suffer a bit from Claustrophobia and a Fear of Heights, not smart to be on a ship I think – as a fisher-woman, I am not too concerned about motion sickness, I have been on a few ‘rockin’n’rollin’ boats and have slept over on a couple, without any bad results.  My other anxiety is for the shop. Kate is very adept and efficient but there is always something that only I can fix or do, so I do ask that you give her patience and consideration as she applies herself to your task. 



I wasn’t intending to include this item at this time but the above statement reminds me that it is probably a good time.

I am needing to Employ part-time / Casual staff but I have some specifications that may be hard to fill. Are you interested or do you know someone who may be?

I require someone:  To work during and outside school hours:  maybe Tuesday and Friday each week, or sometimes drop a Friday and work Thursday while we have a workshop that I am needed to help with or run. For instance on the above days when Kerry, Tracey and Cath are in the store doing work-shop or presentations. Perhaps 1 Saturday a month 9am – 1pm. And sometimes when I go away for instance, when I am booked to go to the Sue Daley Shop Owners Convention or Blessington conventions – both events are normally Friday and Saturday. The more clientele we can assist, the more hours I can afford to hire you.

I would like someone who has some knowledge of Quilting & Sewing, Machine Embroidery would be a bonus – as would Stitchery, English Paper piecing and Sashiko – but these are skills I am happy to instruct you in – or someone in our sewing group would do so.

Of course, you may be asked to demonstrate a Sewing/Embroidery Machine or Overlocker. Or you may just be asked for some tech know-how or to thread an Overlocker. If you have these machines to hand at home, it is no big deal to learn how to use mine

I use Quick books for Sales and record keeping but if you are computer literate, you will no doubt pick it up fast enough, it is not rocket science. I use Excel and Word.

Stock needs to be unpacked and priced. Shelves kept clean of dust ( I do have a helper but the dust is faster than any of us). Fabric to be replaced on shelves or just plain tidy-up. Fabric pre-cuts and packaging is nearly a full-time occupation.

I would love to have someone to help with this most time consuming task, the Newsletter, and Blog, keeping the public up to date with New Stock and Upcoming events and publishing photos.

I need someone who can work unsupervised, find something to do if I’m not there. Take responsibility.  Honesty and Confidentiality is of up-most importance, as is a Sense of Humour, Empathy and Understanding of my Customers needs.

So I NEED A CLONE. Sounds easy enough to me. I am away from 31st Jan to 14th Feb but I will be more than happy to discuss this position with any interested party when I return.

On that note, I will say farewell until next update. Happy Stitching.

Marilyn at MK’s Sew-Able 16b Prescott Street (opposite pillowtalk) Toowoomba

0746 388 288 or email:








January news from MK’s Sew-Able

Hello Sewing Friends
Welcome to MK’s Sew-Able and a great year of Inspiration and Friendships. I hope you had a Wonderful Christmas and a brilliant start to your New Year.
It was my year for the Family Christmas Day. I was spoiled with gifts but I did get a very Special Present, a Son-in-Law. My daughter Cindy and her husband Allen, eloped on Christmas Eve. So exciting and wonderful for them, a perfect pair. Such a good decision, so much a ‘no stress’ way to go.
It was great to have 3 of my Children home, we were missing one but someone has to work Christmas Day. It’s always hard for everyone to be off at the same time.
I personally did not pick up a sewing needle, I took a machine and fabric to my son’s place in Buderim, but I suffered a severe migraine the first full day there, and of course the next day was very sluggish, by the time I was feeling strong, it was time to come home. I didn’t sew at home either but I have very tidy Linen and Laundry cupboards.

Well the Holiday is over and it’s back to work tomorrow. The shop opens at 9 am with the first day of Sit and Sew for 2018. I am looking forward to catching up with you.I would have loved the shop air-con at home a few days last week. Whew..

What’s new in shop? 3 colour ways of a lovely Paisley print arrived during the last week of 2017, and meterage was take from 2 colours as soon as it was seen. I also have new Owl and tractor prints. I am expecting a good top-up of Batiks to arrive during this week,along with some striking new panels. I am slso expecting pretty Pre-cuts packs. What a great way to start the year?

Kate and I spent a day in the shop last week, in PFAFF training on the new Creative Icon, along with 2 very special new owners of this machine, Pam was with us for awhile. I am so impressed !!! It has a 12.2in throat, 5in clearance from the head to the sewing bed and the distance under the needle to the stitch plate is 3 inches, finally, I can comfortably get my hand under there. And an incredible Threading system. The IDT lever has been lifted so it sits a little higher behind the head, there are new front ‘teeth’ on the feed dogs. I could go on and on. Everyone will say it’s just another Embroidery machine but I am here to say it is so much more, wow wow wow. No, I don’t have one in stock but there will be an event in-store to promote it. I may have the opportunity to baby-sit one for a few weeks while it’s Mum is away on the beach, fingers crossed. I will feed you teasers as time goes on. Impressed, did I say that??? Oh and Cath Quinlan, my PFAFF Qld Sales Manager and Educator, delivered my Sales Trophy, quite chuffed. You may be seeing a bit of Cath, if I have my way, a very knowledgeable young lady with a wide diversity of skills in the Sewing, Quilting and Embroidery world. Thank you Cath for a great day.

Looking for a bargain PFAFF machine. I have one PFAFF Creative 2.0 on the bench that I am selling for an amazing special price of $2699. This machine is equal to the Expression 4.2 but it has the added bonus of being an Embroidery machine. Come in for a demo, it won’t last long at this price and it is one only.

I have been thinking about this years classes and I have placed requests with Tutors for workshops, so lets see how we go. I do know Margaret Olive is definitely interested in tutoring for me and we intend to set a schedule during the quilt cruise to New Zealand. Marg is the tutor for the Quiltworx Fire Island Hosta pattern I am going to make, counting down and excited, we sail out of Sydney on the 31st January.

Our local artist, Chris Dowell, is also tutoring on this cruise, and we hope we can plan some interesting workshops together. Hopefully, we will also re-visit the dressmaking classes, but perhaps at a beginners level.

I will run Feet and Accessories events to help you understand the why and how of the feet you have with your machine, and also introduce you to extras. Perhaps Cath Quinlan of PFAFF will do a workshop or two.

I have sent invitations to Tutors from various genre, from making bags to stuffed toys, but until I get their acceptance, it is pointless to mention them individually.

Thank you for your time to read this, I will sending an update prior to my sailing on the 31st January.

Cheers and keep smiling, it makes everyone wonder what you’ve been up to

Marilyn of MK’s Sew-Able