November News

Sales award for fbMy latest PFAFF award, a nice surprise. Thank you.

Hello Sewing Friends
Here I am once again, lost for words, surprising isn’t it? I’m full of information and comments until I have to do these Newsletters and then it all becomes a blank. So here goes with something that is informative, not too short but,not boring.

What’s Coming? 

Sew-Along for Cancer, Ribbon Braid Table Runner: There will be a smaller Sew-along at the shop this Saturday 11th November, from 9am – 3pm. Sorry for the short notice but If you missed out the first time or want to do it again, please ring to secure a seat. I do have a few kits left over from the first run. Kit and sew $45, sew only $30. All monies will go to Cancer.
Cancer Quilt Raffle: These quilts will be drawn on Friday 1st December. If you don’t have a ticket, please make the effort to purchase tickets to support the Cancer Council.welcome_photo
MK’s Sew-Able Christmas Party This year the party will the held at the Engine Room Cafe at 1 Railway Street Toowoomba on Saturday 25th November at 12:30pm. The cost will be $10 (with exception of drinks outside the table juice) for a choice of Garden Salad with either Chicken or Ham, and a Plum Pudding with Brandy Custard for Dessert. It is a BYO cafe and I will be taking some Wines, but of course you may bring your own selection. The normal Secret Santa Gifts will be given out. For those who wish to purchase gifts,please keep the cost  from $10 – $15. I will, of course, have some fun Quizzes to tickle your funny bones. Sister Bev will, no doubt, have some giggles for you. Seating is limited so please book and pay with me as soon as possible.

What’s been happening:

3d Gerbra
3D Machine Embroidery 

The Machine Embroidery club has been busy with a little more than the normal amount of progress in their endeavors. The mesh insert Swimming bags have turned out quite well, with some very interesting Embroideries, sizes and techniques.The Cork coasters were very nicely done but a bit of grizzling because of the amount of cleaning to do at the end, more on that further into the letter. This month the Ladies are making a 3D Gerbra embroidery on a cushion cover, this is starting from a Software exercise to Embroidery with placements and then to a sew-out.  This is a lovely project. Next lesson is Thursday 9th November. The last club will be Thursday 7th December where  you can catch up with some Unfinished projects.

English Paper Piecing Mug Rug Club. The Mug Rugs are coming along very nicely and we continue to have a good Roll-up for this group as well. There are some interesting shapes in these Rugs and the Ladies are using a very mixed array of fabrics and colours. I did throw in a Pin cushion surprise in September and that seems to have put a bit of a halt to the speedsters.Regardless, if you’re interested in learning English Paper Piecing, this is the group for you.the next club day is Saturday 18th November and the final club day for the year will be Saturday 16th December.
Sue Daley‘s new BOM is Round We go. I am expecting the Seed Patterns to arrive this week. Sue has a new Quilt design “WindChime“, this  is very pretty but it is not in stock at this time.
The One-stitch Sashiko. The one stitch Sashiko trend seems to have taken off in our area. I am selling quite a few patterns and the interest in the Hitomezashi Pin Cushion has continued from the Quilt show. My apologies to any ladies who may have purchased the kit to find they don’t have enough thread to do a 6 1/2″ square, I kitted it to the size of the cushion but with extra fabric to practice. I do sell the Dotty sashiko fabric, a 15cm piece will cost you $6.50.
Sashiko Templates: I have 6 styles of Acrylic Sashiko Templates in stock, including the Straight border, Clam shell, and Apple core.  Books and Patterns are also selling quickly.

Michele Hill’s Books: I am waiting a delivery of Michele’s Afternoon Tea with Mary Morris and Beatrix Potter Stitching books that could be in store late this week.  I am still waiting for confirmation of which month or year that we will receive the William Morris in Applique books, this changes from month to month, very tiresome, Yes I have spoken to Michele and the book publisher.  It can be purchased as an  E-book, this appears cheap enough but remember you will need to print it yourself.

New and Old at MK’s 
I am often asked ‘What’s New?” and I often say “I don’t know, things just arrive and I forget if they’re new or old stock”. I hear from Ladies who have been to the shows and I’m surprised that the ‘New’ gadget that they’ve found, has been on my shelf for quite a while, so I’ll try to mention a few here.
Applique Sheets; this product was promoted well at the Toowoomba Quilt show. This paper,  by Hug’n’Kisses, it is a soft iron on A4 paper that is used for Needle Turn Applique and is a semi to full wash out paper. It is very easy to use and I personally like it. We used it in the ‘It Takes Two’ quilt that I have hanging at the shop. It can be purchased in a pack of 20 x A4  sheets, or packs of Pre-cut paper piecing shapes. Stock is hard to get at the moment, my Supplier sent an email last week and it is hoped I will be able to get stock at the end of November. I sell an A4 pack  or single sheet.
The Purple Thang is a thin tool about 6″ long, it has a flat end that is a 1/4′ measurement, a slot in one end for threading elastic,a great Sixth finger and it is also good for turning points or stuffing toys etc. The cost is $ 7.50.
The Halo is a Silicon covered metal hoop that is used to grip fabric while you are free-motion quilting. You may have seen Pauline Rogers demonstrating this at the Brisbane show. I have this in stock, along with the Teflon Super-Slider machine mats that cover the feed dog slots and enables your fabric to slide across the machine while you are quilting.
1/4″ Graph Paper: This is a large A3 book of 1/4″ blocked graph paper.
Vliesofix, Heat and Bond in Ultra or Light is available.
Hand Embroidery Backing: I am currently selling a light Iron-on backing for Hand Embroidery. It is 1.5 wide and costs $3.50.
Thimbles: I have a large range of thimbles, from the small Latex slip-on to the Leather and Brass. If you’re looking for a good thimble, check my stock.
Superior Titanium Needles: I have Topstitch titanium needles in 70, 80 and and mixed size pack.
Monica Poole patterns are now in store. She has a lovely set of Animals, see the photo insert Fi Fi Flamingo, I have this sample hanging in the shop.I am currently working on the Kitty Reel quilt. Monica has a good range of Bags that I will access patterns for in my next order. Monica also keeps good children’s patterns.fifi.jpg
Fabrics: I have BMX Dirt bikes and a range of Ned Kelly now in stock. These are going fast.There are many items that I have forgotten and the most important will be remembered as soon as I hit the Send button.
Cleaning your Machines: Don’t be afraid to get under the needle plate and clean the lint and dust away. It is amazing how much residue is left after Foundation Piecing, Quilting, Machine Embroidery and lately, cork. This residue makes it way to other unseen parts of our machine and mates with the pre-packed grease, and it can set like cement, once this happens your machine can seize up. Don’t be ‘tight’ about replacing your needle.Buy a renown Needle brand.You get what you pay for. If you’ve been sewing any of the above, your needle will be blunting quickly, also, if you’re sewing heavy fabric and you’re a little heavy-handed and pull it along a bit, the chances are that you will have bent your needle slightly and this will escalate a problem with it hitting on your hook race or needle plate.
Visitors: 40 Coorparoo quilters arrived on Saturday 21st October for a lunch break and a little shopping time. What a delightful group! They were so well mannered and patient while waiting to purchase their goods. I am assured that they will return.
2018 Classes Groups and Clubs
I have become rather disheartened with class attendances but I am willing to give it another go as I am constantly asked for help. My scattered thoughts for 2018 have included some new ideas but I am afraid you will have to wait for the list. The Machine Embroidery and English Paper Piecing clubs will remain as they stand, fantastic attendances.  I am encouraged by the Sashiko, William Morris, Bag and Patchwork club requests. I will be running a fortnightly 2 hour children’s or beginner class from 3.30 to 5.30, on a week-day to be decided.
Leesa Chandler has been approached to visit and I am coordinating with the local quilt club to have her come for a Bag workshop.
I am making plans for a Retreat of two, but again you will have to wait for the list.My ‘Away’ time in 2018 includes a Quilting Cruise to New Zealand from 31st January to 13th February. I booked this in an excited moment in Oct 2016.  I am doing a Foundation Piecing class with Margaret Olive from Rockhampton. Margaret is a Certified Quiltworx teacher and I am looking forward to my classes with her. I met Marg at a Sue Daley shop owners retreat in Noosa in 2015, and we clicked. Marg has been down this way a few times and calls in to Show’n’Tell when she has retreats in the area. More about her another day.
In March, I will attend a Shop Owners retreat in Noosa with Sue Daley and I am hoping to bring an International guest to Toowoomba. She will be a great draw-card but I’ll keep her a surprise until I have cemented my plans with her.Finally my Christmas break times:   Close at 4pm on Friday 22nd December
Open Tuesday 16th January 2018.

If you need anything in that last week of my break, I normally go in for cleaning, if you see a vehicle in the drive-way, please phone the shop and I will help you out.
31st January to 14th February the shop will be on short hours because of my time away
Tuesday to Friday 9.30am to 2pm
Saturday                9 am to 12 noon

I hope I have passed on some informed news to you. Until my December newsletter.
Remember, If you see someone without a Smile, Give them one of Yours.
Marilyn at MK’s Sew-Able