Hello Sewing Friends

Happy Australia Day.


It has been good to see a lot of regulars in the shop since opening and good to hear their approval at the ‘New look’ that we achieved by changing a few racks and stands around. We are still a little slow in locating some of our products but overall I am happy with it.
Well, I am here, mainly with a calendar of classes and events on offer but also a reminder that the PFAFF and Handi Quilter Sweet Sixteen and Simply Sixteen specials are due to close on 31st January. It is good that in these first 2 weeks of trade for 2017, machines are moving well. I have sold PFAFF Ambitions, Passports and a Creative 2 and a 4.5 and a Singer Tradition, but as yet, no Quilt Expression 4.2, so be the first for me in 2017 and receive a bonus Open toe Applique foot OR a pack of 20 bobbins to suit your new Exp 4.2.
You will see that I have booked a Special class with Julie Hall for Monday 13th February. Julie will be here for Craft Alive and has offered to conduct a Machine Embroidery class with the Brilliant Butterflys design in a Table runner. Julie has been with us before and did a class with Mylar paper and the Iris design. Ring or come to the shop for more information or to pay $30 to book for the class. You can see her work at www.juliehalldesigns.com.
There are a couple of changes to the normal for the Machine Embroidery club, the days for February and April have been moved forward to the 3rd Thursday ilo the 2nd, due to othercircumstances.
Dianne has been busy producing projects for you to create, the first being a Wing needle design embroidered to make a nice Doiley set, as pictured, this will also tune your precise positioning expertise.  Some projects to come are Lace Book Marks, Mother’s Day card and projects in Embroidery Fringing and Velvet designs. I have found a project for an ‘ in the hoop’ Tissue holder’, which we will fit in somewhere, possibly ilo a software class. We are at a bit of a loss for the Software projects but bear with us and we will get something soon.
The Fit For Fashion group will meet on Saturday 4th March. Chris Dowell has been inspiring these ladies with her knowledge and willingness to share her ‘secrets’. If you want to learn or fine tune your Dressmaking skills, jump in, all new comers are welcome on the 1stSaturday of each month commencing on 4th March.
Lyn Crump has left us a sample of her Quilt to learn 5 easy Patchwork and Quilting techniques. A date or dates haven’t been set as yet so if you want to learn patchwork and quilting, call in and put your name on the list.
We don’t have dates for Wendy’s Whack’n’Stack, but, I promise I will remedy that once we are over Craft Alive, I can see some room in March. Wendy loves this method and is happy to share her techniques and anxious to get started again. Come in and view a few samples and you will be impressed and,  I hope inspired to make these, yes I said these, as most ladies go on to make more than one or two. I have finished one with Aussie animal prints, another 3 parts finished and 2 more cut, very naughty.
Sharon has agreed to continue the Bag club and we will set a date once we can get together to organise the project as well as a date. Sharon is helpful, patient and sharing, we all look forward to her special club days.
I am getting a lot of interest in The Little Things Mug Rug club and this is very pleasing. The first date is Saturday 25th February and will continue on the 4th Saturday of each month. This is a set of 29 patterns from the Sue Daley Mug Rug Booklet. I have a few samples to show and will be doing a Make and Take, cost $20, at the Craft Alive show, this would be a good opportunity to try your hand at English Paper piecing and learn how easy and peaceful it is. I’ll take this opportunity to remind you that I stock a comprehensive range of Sue Daley products from Papers and Templates, Patterns, Starter Packs, Books, Glue pens, threads, Fussy Mirrors, Sand paper boards, Rotating boards and much more..with the new display arrangement in the shop, it is easier to find all these bits and pieces..you’ll be surprised at what you might find.
The shop will be Closed Good Friday14th, Easter Saturday 15th, Easter Monday 17th and on Anzac Day Tuesday 25th April.
I am finding it hard to think of other news so I will leave you in the hope that we will meet up soon.  I apologise for any errors that I may have missed in my self-edit. I have tried to correct some of the spacings etc, and the lack of photos,  but I have to give up as Mail chimp is beyond me sometimes.
Until next time
Stay Happy, Stay Safe, Stay Healthy and Keep Sewing
MarilynK of MK’s
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FEBRUARY: Due to the set up for Craft Alive the Machine Embroidery Club has been moved to the 3rd Thursday (16th) in February.

The Toowoomba Craft Alive is being held in the USQ Clive Berghofer Centre,  Baker Street Toowoomba on Friday 10th to Sunday 12th  from 9am – 4pm. MK’s will be at stand 122. I will be doing machine accessory demonstrations and A Make and Take Mug Rug class, this is a Sue Daley English Paper piecing class and is fully kitted. You can book online for the Make and Take at craftalive.com.au. MK’s shop will be open Friday 9-4 and Saturday 9-1.

SPECIAL CLASS MONDAY 13TH FEBRUARY: Julie Hall- Machine Embroidery designs ( you will remember she had an exciting and inspiring day with us when you did an Iris with Mylar paper)  has offered to do the Brilliant Butterflys Table runner as a special class while she in town after Craft alive. Please contact me in regard to bookings for this. The cost is $30, this includes 3 designs for the table runner, as well as quilting design, template for quilting design, and full instructions, all on a USB that you can take home and use again and again. Limited seating so be quick for this one.
APRIL: Due to the School holidays, the Machine Embroidery club has been moved to the 3rd Thursday (20th).
The April project is a Mother’s Day Card embroidered on Cardboard.